7 Tips To Help You Relaunch Your Marketing Content

As we navigate our way out of lockdown and into a more challenging business world, it’s a good time to relaunch your marketing. Whether you’re selling the same products and services, or you’ve had to pivot to suit a fast-changing marketplace, you may need to adapt your content to suit the current climate. Marketers are going through a tough process of test and learn right now, trying to balance persuasive sales copy without seeming tone deaf to the effects of the pandemic.

So, we thought we’d share seven of our top tips in a simple marketing content guide, along with some practical exercises, so you can start taking action:


Marketing Content

1. Has your business changed?

Without mentioning the ‘C’ word(!), have you been forced to change your business in some way over the past few months? If your business hasn’t changed in nature, are you operating in a different way? Any changes to your usual activities and offering need to be communicated to your customers, so they know that you’re open and ready to do business.

Exercise! Compare how you used to operate with how you’re working now and write down all the differences. Then review your existing marketing strategy and decide on how you can adapt this to suit any new direction your business needs to take.

2. What are you selling?

You may not be selling the same things as before, or you may have the same offering with a different twist, or it might just be business as usual… But whether you’re selling high value services or low value products, the world has changed. You don’t need to dwell on the recent crisis, but your language does need to recognise this, even if it means making subtle changes to the way you convey your offering.

Exercise! Research your competitors; how are they promoting their products and services? Are there any differences from before? Make notes and try to align your sales copy accordingly – but remember, they will also be in a learning process.

3. Who are you talking to?

Are you communicating to the same customers as you were, say 6 months ago? Have you gathered a new social media “tribe”? Look at the differences and similarities between your customer groups. Are there any common patterns, behaviours and demographics you can use as a starting point to write new sales copy and marketing content?

Exercise! If you’ve not done a customer profiling exercise, e.g. the creation of an avatar reflecting your ideal customer, then this is the time to do so! When you know your customer, you will be able to write more effective and persuasive copy.

4. What tone of voice are you using?

Once you have a customer avatar, you can align the tone of voice to suit this type of person. Everybody has a tone of voice, and you will use a different style of speech when speaking to your friends, family, partner, suppliers and customers. Think about your business type and the way you want your brand to be perceived. Popular examples of tone of voice include: Professional yet Friendly, Informal and Caring.

Exercise! Read your current marketing materials aloud – how do they sound? Do they reflect your business personality? How can you change your tone of voice to engage better with your customers?

5. Where are you selling your products or services?

Up until now, you may have relied solely on one or two channels to sell your goods – for example, your website and Facebook. Have you recently expanded your online reach by using other social media platforms? Are you using email marketing and/or print? Different channels require a different approach, so your marketing content needs to be strategic, highly targeted and relevant to each individual channel.

Exercise! Map out all the different channels you’re using and evaluate whether you need to continue using the same ones, or you need to change your approach. For example, some social media channels work better for certain types of businesses.

6. When did you last optimise your website?

If you’re not regularly maintaining your website, and you can’t remember the last time you checked your Google Analytics, then it’s time to carry out an SEO audit. Think about the keywords people might use to find your products or services. Answer The Public is a great free online tool, or invest in a more advanced tool like SEMRush or Moz. We recommend using the Yoast plugin for adding SEO to WordPress sites.

Exercise! Look at the keywords you’re using on your webpages; are these still relevant? Do you have optimised meta data for each webpage?

7. Have you reviewed your printed materials?

And last but certainly not least, never rule out print marketing! Innovative, eye-catching print and “lumpy” mail still have a very high ROI (return on investment). In this over-saturated online world, a tangible piece of print can go a long way in persuading your customers to buy your product or service. Print marketing is an effective way to reach new customers and to re-engage with your existing ones.

Exercise! If you’re targeting cold customers, look at either updating or creating new printed marketing. Consider advertising in local magazines and trade journals; many of these also have an online presence and will share your social media posts.

And remember our mantra: successful marketing is always the result of test and learn.

So, don’t feel overwhelmed by your marketing tasks. Break down your marketing activities by creating a plan, such as a spreadsheet, so you can tick off your tasks and track your progress. Not only will this lead to you feeling a sense of achievement when you complete your marketing activities, but this is a great way to log and measure your response rates too.

If you’re in doubt or need advice, then just ask your trusted copywriter! Our first phone call is always FREE, so you’re welcome to pick our brains on any aspect of your marketing content. Why not book a call today with our lead copywriter, Louisa Sando-Patel?

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