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Magazine articles and adverts

At Bright Owl Copywriting, we relish the chance to write magazine articles. Writing for magazines is one of the most exciting ways of producing content, and we really enjoy showcasing new businesses, products and services.

We write a bimonthly column for a wealth manager and regular magazine articles for a health coach. Plus, we have written for a variety of businesses in many popular lifestyle magazines across the East Midlands including Niche Magazine.

Whether it’s for a new product or you just need to tell the world your story, press releases are another great way to promote your business. What’s more, if your story is interesting enough, the local media may pick it up and potentially run it as a feature.

Moreover, we also write adverts which can be placed in newspapers or magazines.

If you need a magazine article, press release or an advert, then please contact us today or call 01455 444731.

What our clients are saying:
“Louisa provided me with an excellent prompt and efficient service in assisting me to create effective marketing material for legal services. Her understanding of the subject and attention to detail and communication skills made the task so much easier to achieve the objectives required.”
Martin Hall – Appointed representative of New Leaf Will Writers Federation