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A blogging strategy for selling products
Blogging might be a passive form of marketing but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be an underlying motive for your product sales. A well-honed blog strategy for selling products should include some aspect of content marketing. We regularly write blogs to help clients convey extra info and insights to help their customers make more informed purchasing decisions. If you’ve read our ‘blogging blogs’ before, then you’ll know our go-to content formula is the Three E’s: Educate, Entertain and Engage. And
If you’re a fellow creative, how do you find your “muse” when you’re writing, designing, filming, and so on? Earlier I found myself staring out of the window at a tree, trying to think up some catchy names for burgers to be served in a new local restaurant. And it suddenly occurred to me that I do some interesting things when I am drawing on my creative juices to generate new ideas and copy. I don’t know about you, but
Life of a Copywriter
A Typical Monday in the Life of a Copywriter What does a typical Monday look like for a copywriter? One of the things I love most about being a copywriter is the fact that no day is ever the same and I enjoy the variety of my work. But my Mondays have pretty much stayed the same since I set up my business seven years ago (this month!). I have a regular routine which follows the same format each week,
What’s Your Personal Brand?
What’s Your Personal Brand? It’s tough out there. Now more than ever, businesses need to stay visible if they’re going to be remembered by their customers. Job seekers need to convince employers of their value. And this starts with being able to successfully convey your ‘personal brand’. Even if your industry sector is currently in jeopardy, think about the long-term picture. The arts and travel sectors are fighting for their very survival right now. But everyone’s going to want to
7 Tips To Help You Relaunch Your Marketing Content
As we navigate our way out of lockdown and into a more challenging business world, it’s a good time to relaunch your marketing. Whether you’re selling the same products and services, or you’ve had to pivot to suit a fast-changing marketplace, you may need to adapt your content to suit the current climate. Marketers are going through a tough process of test and learn right now, trying to balance persuasive sales copy without seeming tone deaf to the effects of
Marketing communications during coronavirus
How your business communicates now will play a direct role in your ability to retain customers later on. Throughout the coronavirus crisis, we’ve all seen lots of people and businesses sharing online tips and advice on how to ‘stay sane’ while in lockdown. I’ve also been reading up on the latest insights from leading marketing and PR agencies on how to create crisis-aware marketing communications. I decided to pull together the best of these learnings, along with my own views
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Everyone loves a good story, right? Whether it’s a TV drama, film, book or an interesting article on social media, we are all drawn to a great story. Real, human stories create intrigue and emotion, especially if we have experienced a similar life story of our own. On a psychological level, when a story resonates with us, it starts to forge a connection between us and the storyteller. The same applies to your ‘business story’. The most powerful motivation for a
In our last blog, we looked at consumer psychology and different ways to position your offering. This month, we look at ways to get inside your ideal customer’s mindset. Once you understand why people are buying from you, you will be able to produce relevant marketing content that resonates with your customers and, ultimately, converts into more sales. Who’s buying from you? To get inside your customer’s mindset, you need to learn who they are and what problems they face.
What is your weakness when it comes to buying? Maybe it’s food. Or clothes. Or things for the home. From bread to boots to bookshelves, there is always a good deal somewhere. If you know what you’re after. And marketers make it so simple. Right? Most people will experience both sides of that situation. We all take the role of the consumer, buying what we need or what we want, just because someone waved a product right under our nose.
Bright Owl Copywriting | Marketing, Sales and Business Writing
One of the things that sets LinkedIn apart from other social media channels is its approach to your contacts. Rather than having as many “friends” as possible, LinkedIn members use the site to find potentially useful contacts. And that’s how, as a business owner, it can benefit you too. An important aspect about LinkedIn is how to approach your content; you’re not writing an instant news heading, or a one-line summary of your day, unless it’s exceptionally newsworthy. You’re either sharing articles