A Typical Monday in the Life of a Copywriter

A Typical Monday in the Life of a Copywriter

What does a typical Monday look like for a copywriter? One of the things I love most about being a copywriter is the fact that no day is ever the same and I enjoy the variety of my work. But my Mondays have pretty much stayed the same since I set up my business seven years ago (this month!). I have a regular routine which follows the same format each week, and this helps to get my week off to a flying start.

I was recently chatting to one of my clients about the importance of having a daily or weekly routine. They’re a Marketing Manager for an SME, and they agreed that having a standard Monday routine, which includes a team call, helps them to start their week in the right way. So, here’s a sneaky peek into how my working week usually begins…

08.00 – coffee (two BIG mugs!) and I feed my guinea pig (I used to have two but one recently passed away, sob!).

08.30 – read through and respond to emails. Check my work schedule for the week ahead.

09.00 – check my sales pipeline in my CRM and sift through my pending e-folder for any forthcoming events (all online right now!).

10.00 – catch-up call with my PA, Beccy. We run through any meetings (Zooms) and calls that need to be scheduled, upcoming events, and any updates to my content marketing. As well as being the backbone behind my business, Beccy’s also my Canva pro, creating visually impactful social media posts from my words!

10.30 – client calls or Zooms, or I might write a brief for my blog writer, or even kick-start some research for a current client project.

12.00 – lunch! As my hubby is currently working from home, we meet up (in the dining room!) to eat lunch together. If the weather’s okay, we then go for a walk around the block which helps to blow out any post-weekend cobwebs.

13.00 – either more client calls or Zooms, or I might work on a proposal following my morning client calls.

14.00 – I always start to feel a bit peckish around this time of day, so I usually grab an apple and maybe some pistachio nuts (my latest obsession!). Depending on my workload, I might start writing some fresh copy for a client project – for example, a blog, email newsletter, brochure, or a set of social media posts.

15.00 – time for my own marketing! Check the latest social media stats and analytics to see how my content marketing and website are faring. I will then create more content or refine my approach – for example, working on a new website blog or a set of social media posts. Or I might use this time to read through my latest marketing e-journals and circulars.

17.00 – check my emails and log off for the day. This is usually when I FaceTime my Dad to see how his day’s been. He’s endured all of the past year’s lockdowns on his own, which has been really tough for him. And then it’s dinnertime for my guinea pig!

18.00 – start cooking dinner; I like to eat a different style of cuisine each day. Mondays are usually something simple, like an Italian pasta dish or a batch-cooked veggie chilli (I love beef but I’m very conscious of my carbon footprint, so I’ve swapped the meat with blackeye beans and kidney beans).

19.00 – eat dinner and catch up with the day’s events with my hubby. We always eat at the dining table, as we’ve found this gives us some quality time each day.

20.00 – either an online evening class, or I snuggle up on the sofa to scroll through my social media or watch the latest Netflix hit (I have a penchant for sci-fi, historical fiction or spy thrillers!).

22.00 – off to bed. I always read for an hour before I sleep as it helps me to unwind (and I love a good story!).

23.00 – lights out, night night…

What does your Monday routine look like? Do you have set patterns for certain days of the week or is every day different for you? As they say, variety is the spice of life and whether it’s work or play, I usually enjoy doing something different each day. But having a set routine for a Monday helps me to feel organised and ready to take on the week ahead.

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