What does Features vs. Benefits mean?

When it comes to writing for sales and business, you’ve probably heard people talk about the importance of ‘Features vs. Benefits’ – but, what do people mean by this? And why is it so important?

Features describe what you do as a business. Benefits SELL. There’s a famous saying in marketing you’ve probably heard before: “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want to buy a way of making a quarter-inch hole” Theodore Levitt, Professor – Harvard Business School.

Features vs benefits

A ‘feature’ is a specific detail of what you actually provide to your customers in terms of your services or physical products. It’s the nitty-gritty of your offering. For example, the features of a hand car washing company would include a) they wash your car by hand instead of a machine, b) they use specialised car washing soap and c) they use high-pressure hot water.

A ‘benefit’ is the solution you are providing to your customer. For example, the benefits of the above hand car washing company could be a) because people are washing your car by hand, dirty marks can be easily identified and cleaned off, b) the specialised soap removes oil and grease, and protects your bodywork from erosion and c) the pressurised hot water is targeted at specific parts of your car and penetrates dirt from the road much more easily.

Sometimes, it can prove tricky pulling out the benefits from the features…

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Great Blogging Tips from a Copywriter – Part 2

Welcome back – if you haven’t read the first part of this blog, please check out Great Blogging Tips from a Copywriter – Part 1. This time, we’re going to talk about content. You’ll find great blogging tips below which I use when writing blog content for my clients:- Educate: don’t try to sell – your blog should be used to showcase your knowledge to your customers, not to directly sell or promote your products and services. Inform, educate and entertain your customers. Establish yourself as an authority in your field. However, DO add a clear call-to-action at the bottom to make it easy for your customer to contact you. Blog topics – keep it relevant to you and your business, industry sector, local community or, if appropriate, in keeping with current affairs. Avoid religion and politics unless you’re happy to receive opposing views and lots of comments! If you are involved with a charity, why not raise their profile by using your blog as a platform for raising awareness about particular issues? Give advice and tips by sharing your experiences, recent projects and knowledge. Spelling and grammar – with software programs like Microsoft Word, there’s no excuse for poor spelling. Always write your blog in Word or a similar program first, and then copy/paste into your website. That way, you can avoid silly mistakes. Unfortunately, programs like Word may not always pick up correct word usage, such as ‘their/they’re/there’, so it’s always a good idea to ask someone who is good at English to read through your blog and correct any grammar issues. Poor writing will reflect on... read more

Great Blogging Tips from a Copywriter – Part 1

You know you should be doing it, everyone keeps telling you to do it, but you just can’t find the time. Yes, I am talking about blogging. I often get asked if I have any great blogging tips. Most of us are guilty of starting a blog with the greatest of intentions and then stopping because we get too busy. This includes me, and I am a copywriter. You can tell by my recent blog history.  I promised myself I would blog regularly after having my new website built over the summer. And then I got busy – really busy. Despite regularly blogging for many of my clients, when it came to my own blogs, I just couldn’t find the time. Don’t be hard on yourself, it happens to us all. Finding time to blog about your business can seem impossible when you’re trying to run your business. All I needed to do was to ‘practice what I preach’ to others in my presentations and seminars, and now I have finally collated all of my thoughts and ideas; you will be seeing regular blogs on this site moving forwards. How can I guarantee this? I have already applied the steps below to my own blog writing. What’s the best way to start? Well, here are a few great blogging tips which I use when writing for my clients:- Book time in your diary – this is the most important tip which is why it is at the top of my list. If you don’t schedule time in your diary in advance, you will struggle to write regular blogs. Book... read more

10 Top Tips for Better Marketing Emails

I don’t know about you but when it comes to your inbox, do you find yourself at melting point in terms of the volume of emails and email newsletters you receive? Do you feel frustrated because you are bombarded daily with emails that you’re not particularly interested in? And, even if you are interested, how many emails does it take before you’re finally switched off from buying? It doesn’t help when you read so-called marketing experts talking about how many times you should send emails to a prospect: some say you should target potential customers daily in the first week – well, that’s more than enough for me to hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button as I am pretty sure you will agree. Recently, I signed up to a marketing website as I was interested in receiving their updates, only to find the next day I had been emailed 5 TIMES within the past 24 hours – I’m not kidding. I unsubscribed immediately – who knows if I would’ve gained any benefit from the book they were trying to sell me, I will never know. When YOUR potential customer DOES unsubscribe from your emails, you will have lost the ability to communicate to that customer FOREVER. So, you definitely want to get it right first-time – right? Image “Computer And Envelop” by ddpavumba Back when I was working for Communisis, a large marketing services provider who supply direct mail and digital marketing to a variety of big blue-chip clients, a valued colleague of mine told me that the most important thing you can ever learn about marketing is how to apply common... read more

Mental Health Brochures for Referrers

Bright Owl Copywriting is very proud to have written the content for the new private mental health brochure for Gateshead Therapies, working alongside Chris Cooper-Hayes from C3 Creative who produced the fantastic graphics and brochure format, as well as providing print services too. Gateshead Therapies work with clients who suffer with depression, anxiety and phobias, as well as those who are not leading happy and fulfilled lives. They help people to understand their problems and make changes to their lives so they can move forward. Led by Mel Kakkar, Lead Therapist, Gateshead Therapies provide CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), EMDR and Counselling services, covering the Gateshead, Newcastle, Durham and Northumberland areas. How do you write about such a specialist area? Although I have worked onsite in the past at a local mental health hospital, I cannot claim to be the expert in such matters. Firstly, a one-to-one fact-finding call was arranged with Mel Kakkar and myself, Louisa Sando-Patel. I put together a brief and Mel approved the key features and benefits of her services. The brochure is aimed at referrers, such as those who may come into contact with clients suffering from problems who would benefit from using private mental health therapy services. Such people include Occupational Health, Solicitors and NHS Health professionals. It was really important to write with the right audience in mind so the referrers fully understood when to pass on the brochure to a client who may be suffering in some way.       It’s important to understand the reasons why people seek therapy services. Sometimes people struggle to deal with a trauma such as... read more

Bright Owl supports Body Logiq event

Bright Owl Copywriting is pleased to be supporting Body Logiq with the promotion of the ‘Body, Breath & Balance’ event on Saturday 15th November 2014, 10am – 4pm at Champneys Springs, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, DE12 7HD. The event will include lunch and use of the spa facilities until 7pm. Karen Chappell at Body Logiq will teach you how to move through life with ease by helping you with your posture, working with you on your core muscles, and showing you breathing and balance techniques. Increase your energy and your confidence by becoming body aware. If you suffer from stress, chronic pain, back pain or any joint problems, then this event is for you! Undo years of tension and reduce stress on your body Increase confidence by becoming body aware Reduce tiredness and increase your energy levels Realign your posture and improve movement patterns “I will show you how to reduce pain, release stiffness and risk of injuries, bringing it all together in a Pilates style session”    Karen Chappell, Body Logiq Bright Owl Copywriting is providing content for the flyer, website and other advertising materials for Body Logiq. For more information on Body Logiq or this event, please call Karen on 07917 410770 or email [email protected] To book a place on the ‘Body, Breath & Balance’ event, visit:... read more



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