Bright Owl supports Soft Touch Arts

Bright Owl Copywriting is excited to announce ongoing copywriting support for Soft Touch Arts, a Leicester based award-winning charity who change the lives of vulnerable children and young people by delivering arts, media and music programmes.

Police report a reduction in anti-social behaviour and crime in 100% of the areas Soft Touch Arts work in.

Later this year, Soft Touch Arts will be opening Leicester’s first youth arts and heritage centre. Over £1.1 million has been raised to create this centre.

Soft Touch Arts need your help to maximise the potential of their new centre and to help change more young lives. They are inviting local businesses, their staff and individuals to join the ‘Creating Opportunity’ campaign to help raise much-needed funds.

You can make a real difference to your community.

To join the campaign or to find out more about Soft Touch Arts, please contact Christina Wigmore for an information pack. Email: or call 0116 270 2706

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