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 Case Studies

We are currently writing a series of case studies to show you how Bright Owl has successfully supported several client projects. In the meantime, check out the industry sectors we cover below…

Legal Services: £2,100 fee income from ONE marketing email

Email marketing is one of our specialist areas. Drawing from a background in marketing, legal and financial services, we can produce engaging and compliant email communications for your firm. Here’s how we helped one of our valued clients:

  • Our client is a will writer, who had recently moved address and wanted to inform his client base.
  • Supplied with some draft wording, we edited the copy and created a compelling heading and subject line for the email. We also selected relevant sub-sections for cross-sales opportunities. We then transmitted the email on our client’s behalf.
  • This single email resulted in half a dozen calls, 15 reply emails and two booked appointments. Overall, the client is set to earn over £2,100 of fee income.

“Thanks to Louisa and Beccy for editing and sending my email to inform my clients of my change of address. As well as the calls, emails and appointments, I’d say there are 2-3 others that have either referred me and I’m waiting to hear or are thinking about what they want to do. If none of them result in anything, at least the two booked will happen and I’m happy with that!”

Rob Abell, Will Planning Solutions

Legal Services: £2,100 fee income from ONE marketing email
Bright Owl Copywriting | Marketing, Sales and Business Writing
Financial Services: compliance-friendly content 

Writing for financial services is our number one specialism. Our Lead Copywriter, Louisa Sando-Patel, previously worked for one of the largest marketing services providers in Europe, supporting Barclays and Barclaycard onsite. Louisa writes regular content for a vast number of financial firms across the UK and internationally.

Bright Owl will…

  • Communicate to different customer groups (segmentation)
  • Choose a suitable tone of voice for DM and regulatory mailings
  • Craft compelling content aligned to your marketing objectives
  • Convey your message to potential and existing customers
  • Create compliance-friendly content
Business Services: professional content

We provide regular support to a wide range of clients offering business to business services (B2B) including HR, law firms, recruitment agencies and first aid training companies. When it comes to promoting businesses to other businesses, we use a solutions-focused approach. We are very proud of our success rates when it comes to attracting our clients’ ideal customers.

Bright Owl will…

  • Create website content and landing pages
  • Craft blog articles and LinkedIn articles
  • Produce social media posts and profiles
Bright Owl Copywriting | Marketing, Sales and Business Writing
Bright Owl Copywriting | Marketing, Sales and Business Writing
Health & Wellbeing: caring marketing copy

Bright Owl supports a variety of health and wellbeing businesses and individuals. We’ve written a wide range of marketing content including optimised web content, blogs, social media posts and articles, magazine articles, adverts, booklets and flyers.

Bright Owl supports…

  • Private mental health clinic and counsellors
  • Therapy centres and individual therapists
  • Yoga studios and massage specialists
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Health coaches

We’ve worked with lots of talented, award-winning businesses and individuals in the home and garden sector. From interior designers to construction companies and garden designers, we’ve written a wide range of marketing content targeting various groups of customers.

“I’m writing this testimonial to say a massive thank you for all your help in finding the right words to complete my website. You asked me all the right questions about both my business and me personally and produced a fantastic piece of work, which reads perfectly and gives my customers just the right amount of information about me and my company. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others and wish you every success in your business future.”

Paul Tyson, Tyson’s Property Services


See how Bright Owl can help bring more customers to your business.

Bright Owl Copywriting | Marketing, Sales and Business Writing

Louisa Sando-Patel

Lead Copywriter & Owner

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“Our job as marketers is to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so”

– Bryan Eisenberg –

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