Direct Mail

Direct Marketing and Mail

Direct marketing still has a large role to play in our ever-growing online world. Once upon a time, our hallways were covered with junk mail but, with the progression of digital marketing, the level of direct mail being sent out has reduced.

However, DMA data shows that creative or well-written, targeted direct marketing will still lead to the highest return on investment (ROI) when it comes to your marketing.

With a background working for the large marketing services provider, Communisis, we understand exactly how to write targeted marketing – let us show you how.

Mark One Fire wanted targeted letters to inform customers that his engineers were in the area. We produced three versions of a direct mail letter to reach his existing clients, and two letters targeting different groups of prospective clients. The letter could be sent out by post or, alternatively, dropped through the door by one of his engineers. What’s more, we also wrote a cover letter to thank customers for their business, with a cross-sell informing them of other services and a sister business, the Beer and Gas Man.

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