Email Marketing

Email Marketing and Newsletters

It’s more important than ever that your email marketing ticks all of the right boxes. Email marketing has reached saturation point. A lot of marketers will tell you that a ruthless barrage of emails will lead to increased sales – this is not always true. As a copywriter and a consumer, I believe this method is wrong.

Email marketing should be about quality, not quantity. If you get your message right the first time, you should not have to bombard your customer.

Email is a great way to reach a customer with a time-limited offer or a promotion where you would like the customer to visit a specific page on your website. It can be easily measured, looking at open rates and click-to-open rates. It’s a very cost-effective way of marketing your product or service, especially when you consider the size of the audience you could reach.

Email marketing is an effective way of telling your customer about an event you might be holding. Plus, it’s a very useful channel for sending out newsletters (e-newsletters). By adding in links for different subjects or items, you can easily start to track what interests your customer by the links they click on. This in turn helps you shape your content and also the content on your website.

Firstly, consider what you want to say to your customer and why you want to send them an email. Make sure you have permission to send to your customer – if you’re not sure, check Data Protection regulations on email marketing.

In addition, you can set up emails that automatically send to your customers called ‘auto-responders’. Auto-responders can be triggered by different stages of the customer journey for your product or service. It’s a great way to keep engaged with your customer. Plus, if you personalise your message, you will get better response rates.

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