Facebook: Friend or follower?

How to establish a firm Facebook fan base

Since its debut in 2004, Facebook has kept millions of eyes glued to screens of all sizes. With so much to offer in terms of friend updates, private chats, public chats, Facebook gives you an opportunity to speak and be heard by many. A perfect means of promoting what you stand for – and, if you use this channel correctly, your business too.

If you’re running your own business, you may already have a good feel for what your followers are after. But in a virtual world of selfies and Farmville, how do you keep them engaged and wanting more?

Here are a few pointers to consider:

  1. What always gets you thinking? A direct question. This way, you’re not just grabbing people’s attention, you’re encouraging them to mull over a topic that’s relevant to your page and business. Use buzz words, and write as though you are addressing a reader in person – try asking questions like “What would YOU change about your home if you could?” Practical, personal, and to-the-point.
  2. Keep it short. See how much you can say in as few words as possible. Tricky? Write your post, reread, and edit. Remove words. Divide sentences. Paraphrase until you have a shorter post. Now look at the words you’ve got. Much clearer?
  3. Make your potential clients want to act now. Focus on the positives and the negatives. Advertise the benefits of what you have to offer as if it’s right at their fingertips. It’ll feel real to them, and that’s what draws people in. Or, voice a common struggle that your followers are likely to face.  Explain how your services can enhance people’s lives. Describe how, with your help, they can save time, money or resources. Then tell them, in a few short words, how you can fulfil that need or solve that problem.
  4. Include visuals. Videos and pictures will always result in higher shares and likes. People like bright colours and moving images, and they want to be able to see for themselves what you have to offer. A photo can capture a single, perfect moment – all it requires is good lighting, clever photography and precise timing. A video testimonial is incredibly powerful; it can show what other people have to say about your service and why they think you would benefit. And for many, others’ opinions can secure a final decision.
  5. Promote things that will benefit your readers. Namely, good deals and links to relevant sources. By making it easier to acquire something that could be of long-term use, you’re not just telling people why your business is great. You’re showing them. And remember, some of your potential clients may share certain common interests. Show them more of the world by helping them learn more about your industry area.
  6. Look out for little known facts and news. When information is only a click away, there is a huge unspoken competition to be among the first to hold precious information. Your regular followers will enjoy this privilege – and will consequently look to you as a reliable source of knowledge. This helps to build trust and establish you and your business as an authority in your own field.
  7. Plan your posts. Try brainstorming all the possible topics and sub-topics surrounding your area of expertise. Carry a notebook with you – sometimes we have our best ideas when we’re thinking about something else or doing an unrelated task. Some of your ideas might be seasonal. Some could work at any time. Some might be an unforeseen response to a major event that’s currently trending. Although be careful with political posts as this could result in a stream of unwanted comments. Respect other’s opinions at all times. Allow for some spontaneity with your posts, but also keep to each theme for a while, to give your followers ample discussion time.

If you’re struggling to write content for your business Facebook page, get in touch and we will try to steer you in the right direction. We also write Facebook profiles too.

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