Great Blogging Tips from a Copywriter – Part 1

You know you should be doing it, everyone keeps telling you to do it, but you just can’t find the time. Yes, I am talking about blogging. I often get asked if I have any great blogging tips. Most of us are guilty of starting a blog with the greatest of intentions and then stopping because we get too busy. This includes me, and I am a copywriter. You can tell by my recent blog history.  I promised myself I would blog regularly after having my new website built over the summer. And then I got busy – really busy. Despite regularly blogging for many of my clients, when it came to my own blogs, I just couldn’t find the time. Don’t be hard on yourself, it happens to us all. Finding time to blog about your business can seem impossible when you’re trying to run your business.

All I needed to do was to ‘practice what I preach’ to others in my presentations and seminars, and now I have finally collated all of my thoughts and ideas; you will be seeing regular blogs on this site moving forwards.

How can I guarantee this? I have already applied the steps below to my own blog writing.

What’s the best way to start? Well, here are a few great blogging tips which I use when writing for my clients:-

  1. Book time in your diary – this is the most important tip which is why it is at the top of my list. If you don’t schedule time in your diary in advance, you will struggle to write regular blogs. Book a few hours or half a day to sit down and write. You might find this has to be on a day at the weekend. It took me until I went on holiday to finally collate all of my thoughts and ideas.
  2. Keep a notebook – by your bed, by your favourite armchair, in the kitchen – even the bathroom! We often have our best ideas when we’re doing a manual task due to the way our conscious and subconscious mind works.

Ann Finnemore from Getting You There is a Health Coach and Hypnotherapy specialist, and explains this further:

“Think of the sub-conscious mind as the processing part of the brain and the conscious mind as its reporting system. We consciously receive these reports as ideas, thoughts and feelings once the subconscious has finished putting together all past and present information on a topic – that’s why an idea can pop into your head, seemingly randomly, some time after you’ve been consciously working on something.”

  1. Record your ideas – by talking into a voice recording app on your smart phone. There are a lot of different apps available on the iTunes app store, like the Dragon Dictation app, which will even transform your audio recording into words. You’ll be surprised at just how many thoughts and ideas you can record this way, especially if you’re stuck in a traffic jam etc. Once, I recorded an entire presentation whilst stationary on the M1.
  2. Don’t try to write lots of separate blogs – once I had booked in time to write, and I had collated a range of ideas and subjects to write about, I wrote continuously in one sitting. Don’t try to create headings and conclusions before you start: just write anything that comes to mind in relation to your chosen topics. Research where necessary using Google (do not duplicate content, always reference any quotations). Next, review everything you have just written and you will start to find you suddenly have several blogs in front of you.
  3. Once you have a few pages of words – split your content down and start thinking about the main focus of each blog, catchy headings, beginnings and conclusions. Add in any relevant web-links, images and quotations. By writing in this manner, you will find it takes a lot less time to write a series of blogs. You can then schedule to post your blogs over a period of weeks (preferably), or months.

I will be posting more Great Blogging Tips from a Copywriter – Part 2 next month. In the meantime – happy blogging!

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Image credits: “Writing In Daily Planner Organizer” by Stuart Miles; “Blog On Laptop Shows Online Web Blogging Or Weblog Website” by Stuart Miles.
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