Julie Langton, Wealth Manager, Charity Open Office

Bright Owl Copywriting is very pleased to have supported Julie Langton at True Potential Wealth Management with an Open Office event held at her beautiful rural office at Stoughton Grange Farm on 11th June. The event was a great success and included a raffle for the Leicester based charity Soft Touch Arts, who deliver arts and music projects to disadvantaged young people.

Julie says “I was really pleased with the turn out, there was a great buzz to the event and it turned into a great networking opportunity for friends, clients and partners”

Julie Langton has recently been put forward by True Potential Wealth Management for the Top 25 Female Advisers Award in the UK, for Female Advisers in the Financial Advice Industry.


Bright Owl supported Julie by providing content for an email invitation, a physical invitation as well as a standard flyer.

Julie will be holding a Vintage evening on Friday 15th August in support of Soft Touch Arts. The event will include stalls featuring paintings, prints, jewellery, bags and scarves. There will be delicious deli nibbles and the dulcet tones of singer and vintage sweetheart Lizzy Rushby with her repertoire of songs from the past.

For more information, please contact julielangton@tpllp.com or call 0116 271 1031. www.julielangton.tpllp.co.uk

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