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Google-Friendly Website Content

Writing Google-friendly website content requires a specific approach. In fact, we think it’s an art form in itself and we love it. When you consider that most people only stay on a webpage for 2-3 seconds before they click away, you need to get it right… (are you still reading?)

We specialise in writing punchy, SEO-friendly web content that grabs your customers’ attention from the very moment they land on your website. Due to our in-depth knowledge of SEO (search engine optimisation), we always research the phrases people are actually searching for online. By writing content that reflects your customers’ interests and search behaviours, you are much more likely to hit the right note and increase your sales.

At Bright Owl, we use an intelligent, strategic approach when it comes to writing for the web. Search engines like Google are looking for quality content written for human beings not machines. Although we’ll weave search-friendly words throughout your web content and meta data, our main aim is to persuade your customers to buy from you. Long gone are the days of shoe-horning keywords into your website… In fact, such unethical SEO practices could result in your website being de-ranked, so beware!

Clear, punchy, high-quality website content will present your business in a professional light. Plus, it’ll keep people reading once they do find you. We can write brand-new web content for your business or simply copy-edit your existing website. So, if you want to attract, engage and convert your ideal customer, then it’s time to talk to our team.

Need help with your website content? Get in touch today to book a short fact-finding call. We’ll talk through your website objectives, and we promise not to get too geeky with web stuff (honest)!

Blog & Social Media Packs

Our popular Blog & Social Media Packs are a great way to get your blog seen and shared across your social media channels. There’s little point in writing a blog if no-one is going to see it! We will write your blog and supply a set of posts for you to use – all you have to do is simply link your blog to your social media channels (or we can help you with that too!). We’ll pre-agree your blog theme, and then just pick and choose between Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts and tweets – the choice is yours! Get in touch today.

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Bright Owl Copywriting | Marketing, Sales and Business Writing

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