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I have gone through (the website content) and I absolutely love it! The flow is great and I can really hear my voice and what I want to convey through the text. You’ve done an amazing job, thank you!

Up Employee Wellbeing

Michelle Nicholson

Corporate & Employee Wellbeing

THANK YOU Louisa for your brilliant input and advice regarding SEO and general copy improvements for my website. I can’t believe how useful it has been to get your professional eye to look over it; I’m putting all of your recommendations into action…

The Great Adamos

The Great Adamos

Magician for Corporate Events, Parties & Weddings

Bright Owl has allowed me to develop my website and promotional brochures far quicker and more professionally than I could ever have done on my own. I am not a natural writer and found putting what I do into words really hard. Bright Owl has captured the spirit of what I do perfectly, which will mean that potential customers will also know what I provide. Thanks so much for all your help.

Bright Owl Copywriting | Marketing, Sales and Business Writing

Mel Kakkar

Gateshead Therapies

Louisa’s talent at copywriting far exceeded my expectations. She has a great ability of weaving the right words into the right places and bringing together your message in a beautiful and coherent way.

I met Louisa at a network meeting group and felt I could trust her straight the way, contacted Louisa and she was so efficient with everything, instant response and within 48 hours had my written LinkedIn profile sent to me Highly recommend and will use in future as and when I need anything.

Bright Owl Copywriting | Marketing, Sales and Business Writing

Lizzie Griffin

Griffin Fit

Louisa is a brilliant wordsmith. Her ability to understand your business and to write for you with, passion and care, is what makes her unique. Working with Louisa is always a pleasure; her enthusiasm and energy is delightful. It is sometimes very hard to know where to start when you’re writing about your own business or writing your personal profile. I am so pleased that Louisa was there to make sense of our scribblings!

Bright Owl Copywriting | Marketing, Sales and Business Writing

Jacqui and Neil Womersley

The Practical Printer Ltd

We recently worked with Louisa to produce some copy for promotional marketing materials intended to support a rebrand of our product. Louisa took the time and care to really understand our business, the purpose for the rebrand exercise and the customers we are targeting. As a result of this, the copy she produced was spot-on first time. Not only this, but there was a significant technical aspect to the copy and it was clear that Louisa researched the product in order to be able to write about it in a knowledgeable fashion. In addition to this, Louisa’s communication throughout the process was excellent. She was very clear about deliverables and key dates and hit them every time.

Bright Owl Copywriting | Marketing, Sales and Business Writing

Carol Clark


Louisa provided me with an excellent prompt and efficient service in assisting me to create effective marketing material for legal services. Her understanding of the subject and attention to detail and communication skills made the task so much easier to achieve the objectives required.

Bright Owl Copywriting | Marketing, Sales and Business Writing

Martin Hall

New Leaf Will Writers Federation

Making the decision to update our tired website led us to Bright Owl, their professionalism and friendly service has been brilliant throughout the whole process. Our website looks fabulous and I would recommend Bright Owl to anyone looking for expert help with their website – a big Thank You

Bright Owl Copywriting | Marketing, Sales and Business Writing

Samantha Hannah

Langley Business Services

Louisa is a first-class wordsmith. I was initially hesitant about hiring a copywriter for my wealth management business website because I needed someone who was not just a great wordsmith but also understood my business and professional services I had on offer. I needn’t have worried because Louisa crafted a most elegant and perfect solution to my website content needs, demonstrating high levels of understanding and knowledge of the subject material and my target audience, very pleased and would highly recommend.

Bright Owl Copywriting | Marketing, Sales and Business Writing

James Broad

Wealth Manager

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Bright Owl Copywriting | Marketing, Sales and Business Writing

Louisa Sando-Patel

Lead Copywriter & Owner

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