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Keyword research and SEO

Bright Owl Copywriting specialises in writing website content with keyword research and SEO services.

We’ve all done it – produced a website in a rush just to get your message out there online – but have you thought about how your wording could be affecting your ranking on search engines? SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’ and there are many schools of thought on what works and what doesn’t, which algorithm Google is using right now – and the list goes on. Confused? We can help.

Asides from things like having a mobile friendly site, one thing you will need on your website is good content. Search engines like Google now look for quality content written for human beings not search engines. Keyword research is still important, but you need to use the right ones if you want people to be able to find your website. Plus, you’ll want people to keep reading once they do find you. On average, a person will spend 2-3 seconds on a web-page before clicking away. Clear, easy to read web content will help ensure your readers click through to one of your web-pages and not away to another website.

We can write new web content or re-write your existing website. You can supply your own keywords or we can provide you with keyword research relevant to your business offering.

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