What’s Your Personal Brand?

What’s Your Personal Brand?

Personal Brand

It’s tough out there. Now more than ever, businesses need to stay visible if they’re going to be remembered by their customers. Job seekers need to convince employers of their value. And this starts with being able to successfully convey your ‘personal brand’.

Even if your industry sector is currently in jeopardy, think about the long-term picture. The arts and travel sectors are fighting for their very survival right now. But everyone’s going to want to go on holiday and see their favourite musical once this crisis is finally over. So, our advice is to stay in front of your customers, so they remember you for when that time comes (and it will).

What is my ‘personal brand’?

Put simply, this is your way of expressing your values, purpose, inspiration and motivation. It’s your raison d’etre. Your ‘values’ are your key principles and this in turn will enable a potential customer or employer to discover your value as a person or business. If you’re a job seeker, successfully promoting your value will make all the difference between being employed and unemployed. If you’re a business, then consider the value you bring to your customers in terms of what you are selling.

No matter if you’re selling goods on Etsy or you’re a high-profile corporate, a strong brand is the key to winning customer trust and loyalty. A personal brand is how you are perceived by others. It’s what people are thinking and saying about you. If you’re a Sole Trader or Single Directorship for a limited company, your business may solely rely on you. So, a strong and trustworthy personal brand will be paramount to your success.

How do I create my personal brand

Remember, you’re the expert in your field, so start by considering everything you have to offer an employer or customer. If you want to be appreciated for your strengths, then think about different ways you can convey these. Having a clearly defined, personal brand will enable you to be memorable when you’re in front of customers or an employer during an interview.

Reflect on the purpose behind your chosen career or why you set up your business in the first place. Sometimes we can lose sight of these factors, especially when we’re busy and focused on earning a salary or revenue. If you’re a business, how can you create a promise of value to your customers? If you’re a job seeker, how can you persuade a potential employer to consider you for interview?

Here are five things to consider:

  1. Does your CV personal statement, social media profiles or website show your energy and passion for what you do?
  2. Why have you chosen your particular career path or industry sector? Share your background, experience and skill sets.
  3. How did you become inspired to do what you do? For example, this could be due to a past experience or a specific motivation.
  4. What’s your superpower? Explain why you’re the best person for the job or why you sell the best products or services.
  5. What’s your Unique Selling Point? Describe what makes you different to your peers or competitor businesses.

Your Personal Brand must be authentic

Authenticity is the name of the game, which is why this has become such a hot marketing buzzword for the past few years. Quite simply, it’s about being honest and true to yourself. It’s about living in alignment with your true values. People can spot insincerity a mile off, so make sure your personal brand mirrors the real YOU.

For example, think about someone’s first impression when they see your experience and expertise. Do they instantly see your skills and abilities, your values, and your achievements within your marketplace or in comparison with your peers?

You might be surprised to learn that what comes easily to you is actually very difficult for someone else. This is your superpower. Make sure your abilities are well communicated in your personal brand so that everybody understands what makes you different. By taking some time out to work on your personal brand, you can start to shape your impact on the world, which could lead to life-changing results.

Whether you’re looking for a job or you’re starting a new business, it’s more important than ever to be able to successfully convey your personal brand. We can help you discover your value – get in touch for details.

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