Why you should use an SEO Copywriter for your business website

In our ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, staying visible on search engines like Google is absolutely crucial. There’s a big reason why you should use an SEO copywriter for your business website. This is because one of the most effective strategies to enhance your online visibility and drive traffic to your website is search engine optimisation (SEO).

We look at the benefits of using an SEO-trained copywriter to optimise your website, so you can boost your online presence. It’s not just about keywords; it’s about producing quality content that humans actually want to read. And in the advent of AI-influenced search results, such as Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), quality content will be more important than ever.

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting involves producing content that caters for both human readers and search engine algorithms. This means crafting content that ranks well on Google, while still being engaging for people to read. SEO copywriters have been trained to write copy that balances human needs with search engine bots.

The content on your website needs to attract search traffic and be of a high quality so people want to read what you have published. Over time, Google will start noticing that your website produces content that people want to read and share. As a result, it’ll prioritise your website in the search engine listing.

So, by merging strong SEO principles with quality copywriting, you can publish valuable content that ranks highly in search engines. While many marketers understand the basics of SEO, there is a real advantage in having an SEO-trained copywriter on your team.

Expertise in Keyword Research

One of the fundamental aspects of SEO is keyword research. An SEO copywriter has the skills to identify high-value keywords that will resonate with your target audience. They have access to a range of advanced SEO tools and techniques to analyse search trends, competition, and user intent.

By incorporating relevant keywords into your content, SEO copywriters help your website to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Known as ‘organic traffic’, they will use specific keywords to help you attract potential customers.

Compelling Content for Humans

SEO is not just about weaving keywords throughout your content; it’s about creating high-quality, engaging content that provides value to your audience. SEO copywriters excel at striking the perfect balance between SEO requirements and compelling storytelling. They will craft content that captivates your readers, while seamlessly integrating keywords. This results in a natural and enjoyable reading experience for your website visitors. Not only will this improve your search engine ranking, but it also enhances user engagement.

Optimise On-Page Elements

An SEO-trained copywriter understands the importance of on-page SEO elements such as the metadata (Page Titles, meta descriptions) and headers. These elements all play a crucial role in helping search engines understand the context and relevance of your content. By optimising these components, you can ensure that your website can easily be discovered by search engines. As a result, your online visibility will improve.

Enhance User Experience

A well-optimised website is not just about ranking higher on search engines; it’s also about creating an exceptional user experience. SEO-trained copywriters focus on writing content that is aligned with user intent, as well as being informative and easy to read. They will structure your content with clear headings and concise paragraphs. A positive user experience encourages visitors to stay longer on your site, which reduces bounce rates and increases the likelihood of conversions.

Stay Up to Date with SEO Trends

The world of SEO is ever-changing with constantly evolving search engine algorithms. SEO copywriters stay up to date with all the latest trends and algorithm changes to ensure your content remains relevant and effective. You can benefit from their continuous learning to ensure that your website has a competitive edge, reflecting the latest SEO best practices.

Save Time and Resources

Time is precious for most businesses. By outsourcing your SEO content to a specialised copywriter, you can focus on your core business activities. As your optimised content will be produced much faster and be more precise than from your in-house teams, you can improve your efficiencies. Not only will this save you time, but it will also reduce the need for employed resources who require constant training and development.

5 Reasons to use an SEO Copywriter

Below are five benefits of using an SEO-trained copywriter to improve your online presence:

  1. You can be confident that your content will attract the right audiences and drive more traffic to your website.
  2. You will have peace of mind that your content has been written for humans and not just bots.
  3. Your website content will be much more likely to convert visitors into paying customers.
  4. You can rest assured that all keywords are relevant and have been inserted in all the right places.
  5. You will stay up to date with all the latest SEO trends that could have an impact on your business.


In today’s competitive online world, utilising the expertise of an SEO-trained copywriter could help you grow your business. From enhancing your website’s visibility to increasing user engagement, SEO copywriting can help you convert visitors into paying customers.

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